Why Move Your UC to the Cloud?

Sep 9, 2020 10:27:43 AM

Every single day, we do a plethora of things without thinking about alternatives. In the classic business book Leadership and Self-deception: Getting Out of the Box, the author tells a story about a baby who is learning to crawl and gets lodged beneath the furniture. Trying to get out, the baby pushes even harder and only worsens the problem - she’s more stuck than ever. The baby sees the furniture as the problem, rather than understanding she needs to take a different approach.

Are your business communications stuck in a corner, while you keep attempting to push forward with your on-premises solution to give your business the functionality it needs today?

There is a better way. Let’s look at how a modern UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution can dislodge you from the constraints you’ve been hampered by for too long.

Level the Playing Field

How big is your wallet? If you have a small or mid-sized business, you simply may not be able to afford some of the communication solutions that give your larger competitors an advantage. The costs just keep adding up. The initial hardware and software have hefty price tags for each component. Add in the yearly maintenance fees. Don’t forget about necessary upgrade costs.

With cloud-based communications, however, you eliminate all of the up-front costs. And the maintenance and upgrade fees, too. You move from capital expenses to operating expenses; that means more cash in your pocket to help grow your business.  

Boost Resiliency

If your company demands 24x7 availability, an on-premises system means you have to open your wallet yet again. More servers, duplicated software, and a second physical site to locate your backup system. 

When you evaluate options for cloud-based solutions, look for a vendor who gives you failover and disaster recovery without additional charges. For the highest reliability and resiliency, choose a multi-cloud solution. That means if there is an outage in one cloud provider, you are automatically routed to another.

Let the Experts Worry About Security

Google “cybersecurity threats” and spend a couple of minutes looking at the results. It can be frightening. Malware, ransomware, synthetic identities, and so much more are lurking. It’s obvious why your IT team is nervous. Despite their best attempts to stay on top of existing and emerging threats, when will a breach occur, and how damaging will it be? 

Preempt these threats by choosing a cloud-based provider who has specialists focused solely on security. Leave it to the experts to safeguard your communications so you can focus on running your business.

Work from Anywhere - Go Mobile

Out of the office doesn’t have to mean out of touch. Employees can continue working from any location - or en route to anywhere - without disruption. No more need to say “let me give you my cell phone number.” Finally, there is a better way - a single communications solution that enables them to continue conversations. From the same number. With the same rich set of functionality. 

Contact us to learn more about Edify’s cloud-native, all-in-one business communications solution -- UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS from a single provider. It’s simpler than ever to have the technology you need to transform your conversations and your business.


Written by Edify

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