We’re Customers, Too.

Jan 12, 2021 9:15:00 AM

Employees should love their work and customers should love the brands they do business with. Having the right software is a massive part of achieving both of those things. Here’s why that matters -- and the reason we built a solution and a company around that thinking. 

If you’re even slightly familiar with Edify, you’ve probably heard or seen us utter or write the phrase “We’re customers, too” a time or two. I decided it’s time to properly explain what we mean by that.

Edify’s co-founders Cameron Weeks and Bracken Fields assembled a team of bright, talented people to help them fix contact center software and unified communications once and for all (and from the ground-up) with a brand new cloud-native platform, Huddle. The point-of-view and mindset by which they did this are where the phrase comes in. Stay with me here . . .

Every one of us is a customer. Every day we patronize multiple businesses, which then makes us experts at what our customer experience should be. So, even if you aren’t specifically interested in contact center solutions, CX is something every business has to pay proper attention to. Maybe you’re the CEO of a financial planning firm. By virtue of the fact that you’re also a customer every day of your life, you can (and must) step into your customers' shoes and see how the experience should be when they’re interacting with your business. 

Building the Experience We All Want

That’s how we operate at Edify. We built the customer service software we want to be on the other end of. We want to interact with businesses the same way we interact with each other -- easily, on every channel, and without a second thought. 

Customer service interactions should be effortless, maybe even enjoyable. We think customer care agents should be able to text us back instantly after we submit a form on their company’s website. We believe companies of all sizes should have the ability to email us when we need to get off of the phone to go pick up our kids, continuing the conversation with the same agent. If we have to reach out a second or a third time, we want agents to know what happened in every previous interaction. We, as customers, want to be able to converse and interact with companies over the phone, text, email, web chat, Twitter, and even Facebook, from our computer, mobile, or tablet, just like we do every day with our friends and family. We want you to know us, personalize our experience, and meet us where we are; we don’t think it’s too much to ask (or accomplish).

Customer service experiences matter . . . they either win our loyalty or they lose us forever. So the technology platform agents use makes a real difference. So, that’s why we -- as inventors -- built Edify Huddle the way we did. Edify makes contact center software that connects businesses with customers. Edify also makes unified communications software that connects employees with each other. Edify started from scratch and built these two functions inside one platform, with an included API layer, so users could have everything in one place. For one not-secret price.

We’re revolutionizing customer service for the better with a single solution that makes text and voice and email and chat (and more) possible, efficient, and yes, even enjoyable. It’s empowering the kind of service we want to be on the receiving end of. Because we are customers, too.

So while we may be the visionaries and developers, the marketers, and the investors, we also know first-hand the frustration of bad service, of being transferred and repeating ourselves, and ultimately of perhaps not even resolving our issue. The pain in this industry is universal and touches most people on most days. Edify is so much more than 1s and 0s fitted together to brilliantly equal the industry’s first and only cloud-native, omnichannel, unified UC+CC+API, single-pane-of-glass, genius piece of software. Yes, we are that. But we are also customers helping customers . . . employees helping employees. We are people helping people have better experiences at work and in life.

Kendal Rodgers

Written by Kendal Rodgers

Kendal is the Marketing Manager at Edify and has been writing and curating content most of her professional career. She’s passionate about working with start-ups and sharing life experiences through storytelling. Kendal earned her B.S. in Marketing and International Studies from the IU Kelley School of Business.