Transforming the Enterprise CX and EX for Digital Natives

Mar 8, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Digital technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives over the last 20 years. How we work, research, shop, entertain, create, travel, and communicate are just some areas that have been dramatically transformed. These enormous technological advances have given us devices that are smaller, lighter, faster, and more versatile than ever before in history.

Born into a continually connected world, digital natives are those who were not alive to remember the time before the rise of digital technology and transformation. And they're increasingly entering the workforce and becoming consumers of the goods and services our organizations provide now. So businesses that seek to serve digital natives - as workers and as buyers - must seriously raise their game in order to attract and retain this generation’s attention. 

BLOG_Digital Natives blog_Mar22For customer-first organizations, the rise of the digital native both as an employee and a customer poses several challenges, and the truth is, most organizations are not ready to serve either group. 

Like the technology they grew up with, digital natives expect their customer experience to be quick, easy, and flexible. And the digital native workforce expects the same. Work should be light, fun, fast, and versatile. In their minds, everything should work like their phone or their game console. And… they’re not wrong.

With customer and employee retention being key performance indicators for almost every organization globally, why is it that many still struggle with these objectives? The reality is it’s rare to get to start your CX or EX transformation from a clean slate, so as organizations continue to sweat their assets, the digital natives are experiencing friction in their customer and employee journeys. The chasm - between where they are and where CX technology largely remains stuck - grows larger every day, and businesses are losing people and money as a result.

It's critical to take a deep look at whether your organization continues to underserve digital natives and see what the future of your customer and employee experiences should look like, as well as uncover best practices for optimizing your organization’s ability to serve digital natives. In a world of technical debt and legacy solutions attempting to solve new-age problems, it’s time to update and modernize!

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