Too Much Like Hard Work...

May 20, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Does your business demand too much effort from your customers?

The way we communicate socially has transformed beyond recognition in recent years, but the way we communicate with businesses often feels stuck in the wrong century.

customer effortAnd the truth is, the slicker the apps and tools for communicating with our friends become, the more we feel the difference when we have to liaise with brands who make it difficult, complicated, expensive, or time-consuming to talk to them, even when we want to spend our money — never mind when we need their help. We’re aware that the technology exists for effortless omnichannel unified communication socially, so it only highlights the gap when we experience a poorer situation contacting brands we love.

We don’t put our friends on hold, transfer them to someone else, make them quote ticket numbers, or explain their problems to us over and over… So why do so many companies put their customers through this kind of obstacle course when they reach out for sales or support?

According to CCW Digital, reducing customer effort will be the #1 objective for the contact center of 2025. Truthfully, this absolutely must happen sooner or many businesses won’t make it to 2025... but we’re glad it’s at least on everyone’s radar. The tools already exist to transform your business communications into the frictionless and intuitive experience that social communications have become, making it effortless for customers to tell you, show you, and share with you — whichever way they find easiest. 

Perhaps your customers can resolve their informational query in seconds with the help of a bespoke bot, and that’s all they need. But, if not, they’re automatically elevated to a live agent before they realize it; an agent with access to their entire communication and purchase history in every channel instantly picks up the phone or hops on the chat to help. Whether they need to share a screen, hop on a video call to resolve a complex support issue, or text an image of a defective product, it all happens seamlessly in real-time through a single pane of glass, in one conversation, just as if they were sharing an update with a friend.

Even better, imagine you’re the superhuman kind of friend who has infinite time for them, an infallible memory of their preferences and previous contacts, and who never sleeps so you can be there for them 24/7… You even have a great selection of other friends in the form of internal subject matter experts and knowledge bases, who you can tap up for any possible issue they might unexpectedly bring up.

Don’t your customers deserve a friend like that?

When you remove the friction for customers to contact and talk to you, it reflects across all your numerical metrics, like first call resolution, net promoter score, and lifetime customer value. And, of course, it goes straight to the most important number of all: the bottom line. 

In qualitative terms, you deepen the relationship and open the door to creating delight. You create the kind of experience they might talk about spontaneously to their friends, you encourage customers to share their ideas and feedback to help you better meet their needs in the future, and you continue growing brand awareness and regard.

That’s why reducing customer effort supports your business competitiveness and profit, as well as making life easier and happier for them. That’s also why you cannot afford to ignore the importance of this factor across all your sales and support touch points any longer.


Written by Edify

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