Thought Bubbles Q&A: Customer Churn

Jun 11, 2020 10:00:00 AM

We get a lot of questions whenever we meet new people at conferences, host webinars, give one-on-one demos, and even as we onboard new customers. We welcome the opportunity to answer these questions, dig deeper, and help organizations elevate their customer support to be truly great. When we get questions like these from prospects and customers, we can't help but answer them here. See what our Senior Client Operations Manager, Andrew Larty, had to say about customer churn for Built in LA.

What steps are you taking right now to help reduce churn in your accounts, in light of what’s happening with the coronavirus?

At Edify, we’ve taken this opportunity to show our customers how much we truly care about them and appreciate their business. We understand that our customers are having to react to the situation created by the coronavirus in ways that are totally unprecedented, which is creating a lot of undue stress. A great example of this is the sudden mobilization of entire contact centers to a work-from-home model. This sudden shift is not an easy feat for businesses that weren’t prepared to be set up this way. 

Our technology is built to deliver this crucial flexibility and fully enable enterprises to send their entire workforce home without disruption. As a result, we are dedicating all available resources to make that transition for companies as seamless as possible. Whether it’s assigning a project manager to help a customer with coordinating the details of the work-from-home transition or creating change management collateral to help agents organize their new workspace, we’re supporting our customers in any way we can.

How have you adapted your customer success strategy in recent weeks, and what impact has that had on your conversations with clients?

As Edify, employees were asked to work from home early on. We’ve really encouraged our customer-facing teams to not only over-communicate with their customers, but also to also be mindful of their messaging. We’ve asked our customer success teams to touch base with customers to discuss the health of their accounts and to see what new features are on the horizon. CSMs also check in on customers to see how they are doing as humans. We all quickly realized that working remotely can be both isolating and stressful, and any genuine human contact is a welcome change from the ‘new normal’ right now. 

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned when it comes to reducing churn? Why has this lesson been so important to you?

Customers typically don’t churn just because a product didn’t do X or Y. Customers churn because you’ve failed to build a relationship with the people in them. In the past, I can remember struggling to truly comprehend a customer’s business and the exact problems they were trying to solve. This was an important lesson because it revealed that customers can have a pretty high pain tolerance and they aren’t leaving because of the ticket they submitted to support six months ago. They’re ultimately leaving because we didn’t do a good enough job of understanding why they do business in the first place. There is an opportunity every time we onboard a client to position ourselves as an extension of their own team and endeavor to really understand their goals and our role in helping them win. 

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Andrew Larty

Written by Andrew Larty

Andrew Larty is the Senior Client Operations Manager at Edify. As an experienced contact center consultant, and a customer himself, Andrew leverages his industry knowledge and empathy to help companies create effortless customer experiences.