The Roaming 20s: Freedom to Work How, When, and Wherever We Want

Mar 3, 2021 9:00:00 AM

The past few months, I have seen endless articles anticipating a return of 'The Roaring 20s' post-pandemic, referring to the end of World War I and the Spanish Flu pandemic that ushered an era of culture, creativity, and unimaginable prosperity in the 1920s.

We've all reached a point where, after an incredibly difficult year, we are hoping 2021 gives us a way to have our old lives back -- only better. People are craving social interactions, relief, normality ... even just sanity at this point. There have been all kinds of predictions of an economic rebound, explosions of innovation and new technologies, and so on. The February cover of Bloomberg Businessweek even went Gatsby-esque with the title, “Will These 20s Roar?” So, will history repeat itself? Only time can tell.

We have another proposal: let's make The Roaming 20s a reality. That’s right. Not roaring (although that does sound fun), but rather roaming. Meaning we are free to live and work how, when, and wherever we choose to. Whether we realize it or not, we need the ability to roam, especially when it comes to the workplace, because being tethered to a desk or even to one workspace just doesn’t make sense anymore. COVID-19 pushed us to the tipping point, and the rapid technology transformation that ensued across industries has made WFA (work from anywhere) a reality, so let's embrace it. Bloomberg Businessweek wrote:

The bull case for a repeat of the 1920s is that the pandemic lockdown has accelerated the adoption of technologies such as videoconferencing and digital commerce that will keep paying dividends long after the virus is vanquished. McKinsey & Co. says a global survey of executives revealed that they were a “shocking” seven years ahead of where they planned to be in terms of the share of digital or digitally enabled products in their companies’ portfolios. And there’s still headroom. Cowen Research reports that almost half the corporate technology buyers it interviewed said they were in the early stages of a transition to cloud computing.

remote gig workerWhile this quote tells us that there is still a lot of room for growth in terms of organizations getting on board with cloud-based technologies, the author goes on to share doubts that we will see growth akin to the 1920s. I'm going to agree-to-disagree with him here. I think impressive growth is on our immediate horizon as we have wildly advanced technologies and tools that have been nurtured and developed for decades, already set for mass deployment. Think machine learning and unified communications that allow people to be reached all over the world. Barriers to connect with customers, partners, peers, colleagues, and even friends and family across the planet are nonexistent; we just merely need to adopt and utilize the technologies that make these types of connections possible. This means that it is indeed possible to run a successful contact center from all corners of the globe -- because the type of innovative thinking and tools do in fact exist. They’re just not being leveraged. That’s where Edify comes in.

WFA contact centerLet's tear down the walls of the physical contact center, swapping cubicles and square footage for a better employee experience. Thrillist said work-life balance is now a work-life opportunity, "Because working from home can actually mean working from anywhere." Let's rethink the traditional contact center agent, too. We think WFA should also mean Work From Anyone. This means that along with making virtual contact centers (finally) a reality, we can also empower anyone to lend us their product expertise. WFA allows contact centers to find and hire the best talent without being restrained by seat limits and budget constraints. 

In 2021 there are endless groups of bright people earning a living in our gig economy who can operate as an effortless extension of your contact center. Imagine being able to add or remove seats to match demand, while paying only for what you actually use. Imagine leveraging the best remote customer care agents you can find, particularly those with a much-needed skillset. All remotely. This isn’t a possibility for the future. It’s here now.

Are you ready to roam -- to finally allow your customer and employee experience go to new places like never before? Right this way. >>>



Written by Edify

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