The Employee Experience: It’s Time to Re-Strategize

Jan 9, 2023 4:40:30 PM

There’s tons of talk about CX (Customer Experience) these days, but the EX (Employee Experience) is equally important. As you likely know, the EX is derived from the journey a person takes as an employee at your organization. It encompasses all interactions and associated emotions to form a person’s collective experience working with your company -- influenced by their role, their workspace, their managers, and their workplace wellbeing. And it matters A LOT.

Gallup stresses the importance of the EX, saying companies should focus on human experiences over processes to boost their ability to attract, engage, and develop high-performing employees: 

“Most talent management strategies default to process improvement and transactional care of people. But we emphasize the use of human behavior insights to bring out the best in people and truly optimize your business performance through talent.”

2020 had a big and unexpected impact on the EX; this is the year (nearly) everyone was sent to work from home. Juggling work amidst kids, pets, spouses, a volatile economy, homeschooling, and the prospect of becoming unwell...well, it’s been difficult for everyone. Focusing on your people -- and actually thinking about them in a whole new way -- will foster better connectivity and engagement, leading to a better, more efficient experience for everyone.

EX Takes the Stage

Contact center work is tough to begin with, and turnover is higher than almost any other industry. Agents have the difficult task of interacting with unhappy customers and dealing with people complaining about a product or service they disliked. Now, in a time of deep uncertainty, when your contact center employees have been thrust into new, at-home work environments and have to manage interactions with customers who are feeling more anxious than usual, agents need solid leadership support like never before. 

Putting more focus on your EX is critical. In fact, it’s the foundation of your CX strategy! After all, an employee’s experience at work directly impacts how that employee treats the customers s/he interacts with. You don’t need scientific data to prove that an employee who feels valued, trusted, and supported will undoubtedly give more discretionary effort at work versus an employee who feels overworked, undervalued, and micromanaged. 

But, let’s say you’re not really sure what to do to elevate your can you deliver the EX your people need in order to take care of customers?

Tips for Prioritizing Your People -- Where to Start

We’ve pulled together a comprehensive guide to improving the EX, including insight and valuable resources about topics like:

  • Work-from-home checklists
  • Creating a policy statement for work-from-home agents
  • Tips for managing a remote workforce
  • Why your employees must come first
  • Fighting attrition in the contact center through culture
  • Advice for elevating the agent experience
  • The technology necessary for an easy-breezy EX
  • ...And so much more!


This guide offers simple, straight-forward insights and advice to help you craft the right EX plan and strategy for your business. After all, customers want to love the companies they do business with and employees want to love the work they do every day; these two things are not just intertwined, but dependent upon each other. To get things moving in the right direction for your business and your people, check out our comprehensive guide to employee experience here. Rich, rewarding work experiences are possible (and even easy). 



Written by Edify

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