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The Power of Data in Delivering a Great Customer Experience

By Kendal Rodgers

The customer experience (CX) is becoming one of the biggest influencers on consumer purchasing behavior. Part of...

Three Tips on Leveraging Holistic Journey Mapping to Improve the Customer Experience

By Kendal Rodgers

Journey mapping is a visual representation of each and every experience your customers have with your business or your...

Disrupting the Status Quo -- Setting a New Standard for Communications Tech

By Kendal Rodgers

An overwhelming amount of businesses still lack the tech they need to meet the ever-changing demands of omni-channel...

Edify CEO Responds to Innovation in the Cloud-Based Contact Center Market

By Cameron Weeks

DMG Consulting validated historic predictions of the Contact Center market and stated their vision for the changes to...

Cloud-Based Communication Platforms Improve the Customer Experience

By Kendal Rodgers

Transforming the customer journeys can be done by combining bot and human interactions; robust, cloud-based, next-gen...

UCaaS vs. CPaaS: Do you have to choose one or the other?

By Ty Givens

The most distinct differences are the core audiences. UCaaS is geared towards internal business processes, while CPaaS...

What is a Messaging API?

By Ty Givens

Well-built APIs allow businesses to add real-time communication functions to their systems in minutes, without having...

What is a Unified Communications Platform?

By Ty Givens

Unified Communications is everything a business needs to communicate with customers & teams, unifying all communication...

A New Pricing Model for a New Communications Platform

By Kendal Rodgers

Edify Pricing, Free users, $10 credit

Edify Labs Launches New Global Business Communications Platform at Enterprise Connect 2019

By Edify

Veteran Cloud Customer Experience Leaders Launch New Venture Edify