Rediscover the Lost Art of the Human Touch in CX

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The best CX is high-touch and highly personalized. And CPaaS equips brands with customer service capabilities that may...

Playing Nice with Others

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Let's explore how various technologies must play nice with one another, why it’s important, and how it impacts...

Ask a CTO: Exploring the Contact Center's Biggest Problems

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2019: Edify’s Year in Review

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With purpose, vision, passion, and leadership, 2019 has been an unforgettable year. Here's a look back at the fun we...

Edify Labs Exhibiting at ICMI Contact Center Connections Chicago

By Liz Cahill

Edify Labs is excited to announce its presence at this week’s ICMI Contact Center Connections event in Chicago.

In the Age of Automation and Big Data, Sometimes It's The Little Things

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In today’s world, where everything feels automated, the human touch and personalized service are more important than...

Agents without scripts? It's time to have real conversations.

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When consumers need to speak with a customer service agent to resolve an issue, they expect the experience to feel...

Machine Learning Q&A with Cameron Weeks

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We asked Edify co-founder and CEO Cameron Weeks why he believes so strongly in machine learning. Here is what he had to...

Is your vendor delivering? This checklist will help you decide.

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Use this free checklist from DMG when making the critical decision of business communications technology product...

Customer Contact Week Austin -- A Recap

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It was a busy week at Customer Contact Week Austin. What we learned from the people we spoke with is that it’s time to...

Improve Your Customer Journey

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Your journey map needs to be ever-evolving like your customers. Here are a few ways to improve it; in turn, you will...

Edify Labs to Exhibit at CCW Austin

By Liz Cahill

Edify Labs to Exhibit at Customer Contact Week in Austin