Supporting Your Agents On-The-Go

Mar 16, 2021 9:15:00 AM

Do your contact center agents currently utilize their mobile phones for work? My guess is no.

But what if using their phones could help them do their jobs better? What if having agents use their mobile phones could help solve the struggles that many contact centers are facing since having to move to a remote working environment?

By now, working from home is likely standard for your entire company, including the contact center. I’m sure you leveraged items like a WFH checklist and a compliance and operations guide during those stressful early months of the pandemic in order to ensure that your company was doing all the right things as everyone adapted to the new Work From Home era. We’re finally in a place where companies can breathe a little. It’s not just about survival right now and leaders can shift their focus towards finding ways to enable their workforce to reach maximum productivity when WFH. I have a suggestion: rather than viewing personal cell phones as a distraction from work, supercharge them as a customer service tool for your agents instead. 

Enabling Agents with Their Mobile Phones

Your agents are the frontline people who have the critical job of supporting your customers. Now that they’re no longer in a cubicle, tethered to a physical desk phone, chances are they are actually more highly engaged and satisfied with their work. With the right cloud technology and physical set-up, they can continue to serve customers from the comfort of their own homes, requiring little more than a laptop, desk, high speed internet connection, and a headset. 

The traditional in-person workplace dynamic has been replaced by chaos at home. This brings its own set of challenges, but chances are agents are happier with this newfound flexibility. However the technology capabilities from an agent’s home office might not match a fully-outfitted office. But the good news is that your agents’ mobile phones could be another fantastic tool for them to utilize to help customers in lieu of their traditional desk phone.

Customer Service Goes Mobile

Things happen when working from home -- unplanned power outages, unreliable internet connections, noisy kids who are home from daycare due to holidays, and the list goes on. When an unexpected situation at home arises, remote agents might need to set up shop elsewhere for a few hours. Do they have the tools to do so? Imagine if they could continue working and handling customer interactions from anywhere with just their mobile devices and their Edify web or desktop application. . .

Previously, agent capabilities were extremely limited by their contact center’s underlying technology, which made it near impossible for them to work remotely. Not anymore! This is one of the reasons we made the Edify solution available via our mobile app for both iOS and Android, allowing employees from every department to chat and collaborate across the globe as if they were just down the hall from one another. It’s also one of the reasons we made it possible to route calls to a forwarding number -- like your agents’ mobile phones -- while keeping their personal details private. Step into our lab to take a peek at how we do it with a general overview, routing to agents’ mobile phones, and routing to a forwarding number.

Personal Details Stay Private While Service Gets Personal

Agents can text and talk with customers and chat or call co-workers from a business number while using their personal cell. Inbound and outbound calls can be forwarded and hidden through a designated business number. When customer calls come in, agents can accept these inbound interactions by simply answering their mobile phones (keeping their personal numbers hidden at all times), while still accessing all the tools they would have in the office via the Edify interface on the web or desktop app. Safeguards are in place for both parties; agents hear a mobile prompt so they know it’s a business call, accept the call just like they would on any other device (desk phone or softphone), and then move through the interaction on the Edify application using their laptop or iPad. And the customer is none the wiser.

And, don’t worry, calls made on mobile phones are still treated the same way internally -- important supervisor monitoring capabilities are not impacted. So, managers can see what each agent is up to in real-time within their Team View, regardless of whether agents are using a desk phone, softphone, or their cell phone!

In today’s work-from-anywhere world, it’s nothing short of critical to enable your remote agents to truly be connected across all devices. Enable them to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device and watch the service experience they deliver flourish. In a time when technology allows businesses to give their agents the ultimate flexibility to work using the phone they already carry around in their back pockets, making the lives of both agents and customers easier, what are you waiting for?

Kim Fields

Written by Kim Fields

Kim Fields is the Director of Learning at Edify. She is an expert Instructional Designer, skilled in learning, facilitating, innovating, designing, and problem-solving. Supported by a B.S in English Education from Butler University and an M.S. in Instructional System Technology from Indiana University, Kim leads a team at Edify to design and develop the learning content and platform for Edify customers and employees -- Catalyst.