Creating a Policy Statement for Remote Agents

Sep 13, 2021 11:40:53 AM

The rush to send agents to work from home (WFH) last year was hectic. Even as we look to 2022, some businesses plan to continue operating remotely, with many adopting a hybrid work model. It’s essential to take time to create a robust policy statement, where leaders clearly spell out the responsibilities of your company, and your agents, in a remote and hybrid work environment. Not only will your policy statement for remote agents serve to clarify expectations, but it will also proactively address areas such as technology, expenses, and participation, as well as HR and legal concerns. Here are five topics to address when creating your policy statement.

BLOG_Resource_Infographic_Policy for WFH Agents_Sep21


To ensure you think through all the facets you’ll want to address with your own WFH/remote work/hybrid policy statement, check out our blog on this topic. And once you've drafted a policy statement, run it by some of your more senior agents first. Chances are, they'll have important feedback and suggestions for improvement. Good luck!