The Experience Maker: Episode #20 with Cameron Weeks

Jun 26, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Each week, customer experience speaker, coach, author and podcaster Dan Gingiss interviews an industry thought leader who has become The Experience Maker at their business and helped others do the same. Episode 20 featured our very own Cameron Weeks, co-Founder & CEO of Edify. Edify was built to bridge the gap between what tools are available to connect with people in personal lives to those that are available when we connect with the businesses we buy from. Does technology drive customer experience or does customer experience drive technology? Hear what Cameron has to say about the current state of customer care, the technology available, what tools agents really need to serve customers, and where things are headed.


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Kendal Rodgers

Written by Kendal Rodgers

Kendal is the Marketing Manager at Edify and has been writing and curating content most of her professional career. She’s passionate about working with start-ups and sharing life experiences through storytelling. Kendal earned her B.S. in Marketing and International Studies from the IU Kelley School of Business.