A Study of Customer and Employee Experience by CRM Media & Unisphere Research

Jun 10, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Woman with headset on smilingA lot can change in two years, and that’s certainly the case with managing and staffing customer contact centers. The great workforce dispersal resulting from the Covid pandemic, coupled with the rise of next-generation intelligent technologies, means there is a wealth of opportunities for greater job satisfaction, faster talent acquisition, improved responsiveness to customers, tighter security, and more proactive communications. Companies are acting on these opportunities, but some still place too much emphasis on standard productivity measures and are hampered by challenges with aging, siloed technology.

These are the conclusions drawn from a survey of contact center and customer service managers, conducted by CRM Media in partnership with Edify and Google Chrome OS. The survey finds that contact center leaders recognize their agents’ employee experience is closely related to the experience they deliver to customers. User-friendly technology is the game changer that helps achieve superior user experience. The challenge that needs to be addressed: Rising agent frustration over interfacing with multiple systems and channels may inhibit the effective delivery of customer service.

One of the most pressing issues, as seen throughout these results, is agent turnover. It’s notable that about one in four respondents report they have had extremely high levels of agent turnover over the past three years, exceeding 20% a year. Another 49% of respondents report turnover in the range of 6% to 20% annually. There’s no argument that agent turnover is a problem for the business overall.