Predictions Are Dead

Dec 14, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Right around this time last year, I was having a lot of fun talking to some of my favorite thinkers about what they thought we in the CX world could and should expect for 2020. At this moment in time, it seems nothing short of hilarious that I asked with such wild optimism and had envisioned an annual look at this topic in a similar fashion.


Here we are at the end of 2020, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that just about the ONLY thing we can properly predict at any point in time with certainty is…change.

Change is the only constant

This year has been unpredictable, humbling, strange, frustrating, sad, stressful, and dare I say…straight up bonkers. But it has also revealed new perspectives, welcome opportunities, unforeseen twists, and surprising things to be grateful for (if you are willing to look).

As far as customer experience goes, I still hold fast to all of the things I believe are necessary. 

  • Interacting with brands should be as easy as interacting with each other.
  • Contact center tech should be as simple and powerful as the phones in our pockets.
  • Employees should love the technology they use at work, especially to serve customers. Their experience directly connects to the experience customers have with a brand.
  • As my good friend, Dan Gingiss, says: safety and security are tops for creating and maintaining brand loyalty - now and likely forever. 


So, I’m done predicting. I’m done asking other people to do the same. I’m done making and breaking resolutions and feeling bad about it. Instead, it’s time we listen harder and talk less. Let’s meet customers where they are - as people - and then deliver solutions. 

What are you doing to get comfortable with the discomfort of change?

Candace Sheitelman

Written by Candace Sheitelman

Candace Sheitelman brings more than two decades of marketing expertise to Edify, much of it focused on CX and the contact center. She's responsible for Edify's go-to-market strategy and execution. Sheitelman previously ran her own marketing communications firm and global marketing at Aspect. She earned her B.S. in Public Relations from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Learn more here.