Partners and The Key to Growth

Aug 5, 2020 3:23:56 PM

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” ―Malcolm X

Our name, Edify, means “to educate and enlighten” so it’s no surprise that while we’re committed to leading in the technology we bring to market, we are equally committed to arming our partners as if they’re our own salespeople. 

As trusted advisors, our partners need to have the answers, the ideas, and the confidence in Edify Huddle to best help their clients. We want to give them all of that knowledge and more -- making it easy for them to share details about the platform with their clients on the fast track to elevating the customer experience and their internal collaboration capabilities.

Edify Huddle is a very unique platform that is changing the way customers communicate with businesses and the way businesses interact internally. As such, there is so much to truly understand with respect to how this technology can solve everyday business issues and we aim to empower every partner to easily wrap their arms (and heads) around that information.  

Our training and certification program gives partners the ability to expand personal learning and development, gain a competitive advantage, and increase efficiency so they can build credibility. We’ve intentionally designed this program to be fully comprehensive, delving into all of the selling strategies, as well as the advanced contact center and unified communications capabilities of Edify Huddle while enabling partners to consume, train, and obtain certification at their own pace. 

“The contact center technology space is crowded, but Edify and Edify Huddle are different. We know our one-of-a kind platform will transform the industry, but we need partners to help us get there and we need these partners to be fully versed on our differentiators, strengths, and potential in order to do that,” said Kim Fields, Director of Edify Learning. “So, we created our strategic BCaaS partner training program to be efficient, compelling, and comprehensive -- giving our partners everything they need to successfully become Huddle experts and ambassadors. It’s not that often that investing an hour of time can open up so many possibilities for a business!” 

We have various levels of certifications that benefit sales, engineering, and support personnel. Each time we onboard a new partner, training and development is a critical part of the process and we make sure they know it. Investing in our relationships with partners is one of the many things we do differently here at Edify.

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J.P. Dundas

Written by J.P. Dundas

J.P. Dundas is the Vice President of Channel Sales at Edify. With more than 15 years of experience building direct and indirect channels, J.P. works with partners to expand Edify’s reach in the market. Last year, Channel Partners and Channel Futures, a division of Informa Tech, named Dundas one of the premier leaders in the indirect IT and telecom channel with its Top Gun 51 award. Learn more here.