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Improve Your Customer Journey

By Kendal Rodgers

Your journey map needs to be ever-evolving just like your customers. Here are a few ways you can improve your journey...

Edify Receives 2019 Contact Center Technology Award

By Liz Cahill

Today, Edify Labs ( announced that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Edify Huddle a 2019...

Edify Labs to Exhibit at CCW Austin

By Liz Cahill

Edify Labs to Exhibit at Customer Contact Week in Austin

Honestly… I Just Want to Lean Out

By Candace Sheitelman

Sales go up when customer effort goes down. The easier your brand is to do business with, the better. Therefore, every...

Want great CX? Trust your employees to do the right thing.

By Kendal Rodgers

Businesses like Amazon and The Ritz-Carlton are clear leaders in customer experience today and each is doing so in...

4 Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

By Kendal Rodgers

Remote work benefits both employers and employees. Letting employees work remotely is the easy part, but learning to...

Weeks Named a Tech Leader on ICMI CX Movers & Shakers List

By Liz Cahill

Edify co-founder and CEO Cameron Weeks has been named a Technology Leader in ICMI’s second annual Customer Experience...

How to Fumble an Almost Perfect Customer Experience

By Kendal Rodgers

Like many other consumers these days, I prioritize brands by their customer service and reputation instead of basing my...

Why I’m So Into the New Era of CX

By Candace Sheitelman

Companies need to constantly be thinking about what their customers want and need because it’s changing by the year, by...

Emotion Detection--Your CX Can’t Survive Without It

By Kendal Rodgers

Emotions determine brand loyalty and, vice versa, customers’ likelihood of churning. Thanks to developments in emotion...

Building a Customer-First Culture: 3 Things To Do

By Phil Hamburg

“Customer-first culture” means something different to every organization based on priorities and differentiators. The...

Omni-channel Has a Better Shot with Cloud Solutions

By Heather Webster-Turbeville

Omni-channel has been a dream in the unified communications space for a long time now, but it’s been a struggle for...