Optimizing Your CX and EX for Digital Natives

Feb 22, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Born into a continually connected world, Millennials and Gen Z are coming of age in every sense, and businesses that seek to serve them as workers and buyers need to raise their game to attract and retain this generation’s attention. With high expectations and options aplenty, these individuals invest less time in anything that does not immediately satisfy them, whether that’s a job or a brand. They can find better alternatives at the tap of a screen, and they are used to multitasking to get what they want. 

So leaders must speak to digital natives in their own language. If gaps exist in the employee or customer experience you offer, don’t be surprised when this new group of workers and buyers switches away quickly. They have little patience for technology and communication headaches because they know it doesn’t have to be that way. Digital natives want to live, work, shop, converse, and hang out at a place and time of their choosing. (Can you blame them?)

It's time to start thinking about this growing group of people - how they work and buy - in an entirely new way and acknowledge that disconnects in employee experience are frequently mirrored in the customer experience world, too. That’s why the technological change they’ve brought about is so critical and so good - even for those who didn’t know what was missing. 

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Written by Edify

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