One Window, One Screen: The New Contact Center Standard

Nov 16, 2021 10:23:57 AM

Calling customer service is a drag. So is emailing them back and forth and begging to be understood through direct messages on social media. Oftentimes, we as customers have to repeat our concerns, re-share our contact information, wait on hold as agents lookup return policies,  and end interactions without resolutions in place. 

Why is providing good customer service so hard to get right? Why do we carry personal computers the size of a deck of cards in our pockets, yet it feels like the service reps we call are typing on the most antiquated, slowest computers known to humankind? We can call/text/video/email each other - even doing all of these things simultaneously - at all hours of the day, yet when we need to communicate with a brand we patronize, the experience is nothing close to what we are accustomed to in our personal lives.

As customers, it makes us feel like we aren’t very important. Yet, as professionals, we know that customer retention is paramount to a brand’s success because acquiring new customers is way more costly! Companies are lagging when it comes to ensuring that their customers feel important and get treated as such. Something feels wrong here...We’ve widely accepted poor service as the norm, yet all of us wish it were better. Why is that? And why is that OK?

It’s Time for a Tech Overhaul

If you ask me, the service experience ends up being sub-par because the software involved is too complex, it is usually outdated, and it isn’t able to provide all of the functionality that a customer interaction requires. Simply put, agents are not given access to the tools they need to succeed.  

Agents are given multiple systems to use that don’t play nicely together,  just to serve a single customer. This requires customers (including myself and, yes, you) on the receiving end of these interactions to jump through hoops to get answers and resolutions right along with the agents. More often than not, these interactions don’t end on a high note for either party.

Setting Agents (And Customers) Up for Success

In a world of overload, it’s time to simplify. It’s time to undo the decades of overcomplicating what customers want and the technology businesses need to make that happen. If your brand is ready to get to a place of better employee and customer experiences, here’s where to start:

  • Put every capability in one screen for less stressed, more productive, better-supported agents
  • Offer consistent service across every channel - a true omnichannel experience - to create forever customers
  • Save time and money by replacing obsolete technology and repetitive tasks with a Machine Learning-powered all-in-one cloud software solution
  • Choose a cloud-first OS that offers simple deployment, unparalleled security, and stress-free management with hardware to match
  • Partner with technology providers whose cloud-native solutions are engineered to work perfectly together, namely an operating system, CCaaS, and CRM that enable your workforce to work from anywhere in a secure environment

Ready to Learn More?

Dive into how a one window-one screen solution is banishing legacy contact center complexity (and the bad employee and customer experiences that go with it) forever, to quickly become the new standard. 



Written by Edify

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