A New Pricing Model for a New Communications Platform

Mar 18, 2019 1:31:29 PM

Pay only for what you use, without the complexity of capacity forecasting, long-term contracts or minimum commitments.


Traditional communications platforms feature confusing and problematic pricing models, whether it be flat named user, concurrent user, or usage-based pricing. They are overly complicated and have many hidden fees. With flat named user pricing, companies have to buy a license for every person and experience a lot of waste between multiple shifts and part-time employees. Seasonal spikes are impossible to predict and plan for financially. With concurrent user pricing, you pay for several users’ access for the price of one, but are left with complicated matrix tables to compute your costs. Who can log-in when, and how can your finance department accurately predict usage?


The usage-based pricing model tried to solve these problems, and it did to some extent. A major problem with usage-based pricing is the wild uncertainty of predicting each bill. If people work overtime and there are season spikes in agent usage, companies can be left in a state of shock over their bill.


Edify Labs is the creator of the Edify global communication platform, designed to make communication easier with customers and across teams. With our platform, we have created a completely new pricing model, introducing a hybrid between usage-based and license-based, that we believe better aligns with how our customers operate. Pay only for what you use, without the complexity of capacity forecasting, long-term contracts or minimum commitments. Edify provides a Daily or "24 hour" pricing model for our Contact Center application. This means you only pay a flat rate per day for each user that logs in. So, if you have part-time employees that only work 3 days a week, you never pay for the days they aren’t actually using the platform. Forecasting and budgeting has never been easier, calculating your maximum bill simply by knowing your total workforce.


Your finance department will love us. We offer simple, transparent, competitive pricing. And we’re so confident in our product and pricing structure that we are offering customers this: your first five users are free—forever. We believe that you should be able to use software before you buy it. Edify is 100% SLA financially-backed, the most inclusive SLA ever offered in the industry.


Edify is the first of it’s kind cloud-based business communications tool, combining the core functionality of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)/Private Branch Exchange phone system (PBX) platforms with customer success tools. Edify is the first platform to offer Business Communications as a Service (BCaaS) in one dashboard, one tool, with one vendor. Edify’s platform helps conversational customer service flourish, keeping conversations going no matter the method.


We had a vision and we brought it to life with Edify. Our system unites teams beyond the contact center and unifies global workforces via one, intelligent interface. Until now, there has not been a truly unified solution that can accomplish this. Regardless of your business type or objectives, Edify is packed full of features to help your business grow while maximizing communication channels both internally and with customers. The next “Channel” of a modern Omni-Channel solution is Machine Learning; our platform legerages ML data models alongside a human workforce, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing quality.


With Edify, you can start thinking beyond cost-savings and take into consideration how our platform will completely transform your employees’ work style. Edify will change the way your employees work, boosting teamwork and collaboration. Our robust platform supports various work styles, like telework and remote work. Our unique pricing model ultimately impacts more than just your bottom line, offering businesses immense productivity benefits, improving work culture and positively impacting employee happiness.


Sign-up to get early access and be the first to try Edify. Your first 5 users are free (forever!) and you will get a $10 credit on all CPaaS accounts. The team at Edify believes so strongly in the software, they encourage everyone to try it with no barriers to entry. Edify prides itself on simple, transparent pricing and a platform that rivals all others, knowing that once people get their hands on it, there will be no turning back.


Kendal Rodgers

Written by Kendal Rodgers

Kendal is the Marketing Manager at Edify and has been writing and curating content most of her professional career. She’s passionate about working with start-ups and sharing life experiences through storytelling. Kendal earned her B.S. in Marketing and International Studies from the IU Kelley School of Business.