Managing Through a Crisis with Technology

Mar 11, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Usage-based contact center and unified communications tools can help every business prepare for and work through travel bans, quarantines, and other disasters. 

As employers, parents, friends, and individuals, we’re all together in facing the developing situation around the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Many organizations have plans for what to do in the case of natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. But what is the plan when the disaster involves not being able to do the very thing that so many businesses depend upon in order to function - work in the same physical space as one another?  

Times like this cause us to reflect on our preparedness, and as we scramble for hand sanitizer, we must also reflect on how this impacts our business. With travel being discouraged, how will we meet? What are our remote work policies? What happens if staff literally can’t come in? Does the technology we use today support the sudden changes I may need to make tomorrow?

As we battle to grasp how COVID-19 will continue to impact people and businesses long-term, planning for unforeseen needs (like sending your entire workforce home) is critical. How do you protect your workforce and still run your business and serve your customers? Here are some key things to consider:

  • What if everyone has to work from home for some unknown time period? Can your team continue to serve customers from anywhere, anytime, without disruption? Can you support a 100% remote workforce? Should you be able to do so?
  • How do you ensure voice quality from your employees’ alternative work environments? Does your communications system work to reduce background noise in any scenario?
  • How does your system maintain compliance in a remote work situation?
  • What might be the financial impact to your operation? Are your operational costs usage-based, or could a disaster cause you to absorb a lot of unnecessary costs?
  • Does your business continuity and/or disaster recovery plan require you to pay annually for licenses you don’t necessarily utilize?


Although we don’t have all the answers to the current health crisis, we do offer technology that enables some of the most flexible and agile workforces in the world. We built Edify Huddle to put contact center, unified communications, and API functionality in a single pane of glass. Plus, with built-in machine learning (ML), Huddle maximizes quality and the customer experience even if your team is no longer within earshot of your managers. We also guarantee the highest voice quality across locations and 100% uptime. This is the kind of flexibility companies need all the time, not just in a crisis.

The current situation around the coronavirus is quite stressful, but keeping your business running shouldn’t be. See for yourself and try 5 users of Edify Huddle right here. Usage-based pricing makes it easy to enable a remote workforce to interact with each other and with customers. All you need is a laptop and a headset. 

So, stay safe, sneeze into your elbow, wash your hands religiously, take care of your teams, and we’ll all carry on! And reach out if you want to discuss your workplace crisis plan.

Cameron Weeks

Written by Cameron Weeks

Cameron Weeks is tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and visionary--the driving force behind what’s happening now and what is to come. As CEO, he guides the team at Edify to drive new business, seek growth in existing and emerging markets, and push the boundaries in the cloud-based business communications sector. Learn more here.