Hammond Delivers The Next Level of Omnichannel with Machine Learning

Jan 9, 2023 4:44:17 PM

We believe the next “channel” of a modern omnichannel solution is the addition of Machine Learning to supplement the overall user experience. 


Usually when vendors in the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) space talk about omnichannel, they’re referring to the ability to move conversations from one platform or method of communication to another. Examples include moving from a phone call to text messaging or transitioning from an email chain to a video call, etc. While this is a valuable benefit for customer service teams, it’s become table-stakes for any cloud-based contact center platform. The functionality is inherent to all products in the space.

At Edify, we believe the next “channel” of a modern omnichannel solution is the addition of machine learning (ML) to supplement the overall experience. That’s why Edify Huddle includes a virtual assistant, Hammond, that uses ML data models to enhance the role of a contact center user by maximizing efficiency without sacrificing quality, and most importantly, the human touch.

You can incorporate Hammond into any channel being used by the contact center, whether the conversation starts with a text, phone call, or chat. And Hammond can execute custom workflows determined by you, based on your specific business and customer service needs.

Using ML, Hammond processes and contextualizes speech and text and decides how to best respond to the input. Our virtual assistant continually improves over time as it is exposed to more speech and text and is able to funnel a wider variety of inquiries into workflows. This frees up human users to address more complex problems, leading to a better self-service experience for customers and quicker response times for live agents. Do you want to know the best part? A single workflow will work for any channel.  

Hammond also provides a transcript and analysis of conversations at the end of the call. This data can be incorporated into training and coaching programs, so managers and team leads can identify opportunities for improvement across the team or with individual agents. No more scanning pages and pages of spreadsheets filled with every customer conversation for the entire day.

Machine learning is changing the way we think about the traditional definition of omnichannel and can ultimately transform the way customer service and contact center teams do business.

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Written by Edify

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