Humans + Chatbots Create a Better Customer Experience

Jun 12, 2019 9:15:00 AM

Anyone can knock off your product or service or at least create something eerily similar. So delivering a stellar Customer Experience (CX) has become a top priority to help businesses beat out the competition. After all, no one can copy the personal touch you offer your customers! Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and it's subset of machine learning (ML), it’s now possible to use a combination of live agents and chatbots to boost your CX.

Chatbots have the ability to simulate a conversation (or chat) with a user. And we’re not talking about robotic voices that only ask one or two questions. Today’s chatbots are smart! Yes, businesses now can use intelligent bots, powered by machine learning, that leverage sentiment analysis; bots actually review customer data in order to know which questions to ask and what prompts to deliver. Bots can blend perfectly with live agents to create a better CX.

Bots can give you loads and loads of data.

When customers call your contact center, it’s usually because they have an issue--they are probably already frustrated too. Once your agent answers a call or begins an instant chat with a customer, he/she needs to be ready, or agents will possibly aggravate that already frustrated customer even more! Agents simply can’t spend time digging around for information about the customer while the customer waits. And they don’t need to.

A well-built communications platform with a perfectly integrated bot will automatically pull all customer information into the agent’s dashboard. Providing consistent service is easier when agents have a single view of customer information. Exceed your customers’ expectations by automatically collecting customer details (and feedback when it’s over). A chatbot can now replace a form or survey that typically gets emailed; the bot can collect feedback inside of the conversation before it ends. This provides more accurate and instantaneous data to further improve the CX.

Bots provide instant solutions.

While there are plenty of times when a bot isn’t the right CX choice, there are just as many instances when a bot is the perfect customer service solution. For example, easy inquiries can be handled very quickly and accurately by chatbots. If your bot is able to give an immediate response, like answering easy questions such as “How do I reset my password?” or “What’s my balance?”, you’ll be saving your customers and agents time! Even when dealing with more complicated inquiries such as, “My computer isn’t working and I’m not sure what’s wrong,” ML chatbots can quickly collect the necessary information on the customer before they reach a live agent, saving time for both parties. With omnichannel call center software, customers can even text a photo of their issue to a live agent while they are on the phone simultaneously.

It’s a no-brainer--you must automate the activities that will enrich the overall customer experience. And time-savings is a big win for everyone.

Bots can manage social media interactions.

Instead of customers having to raise issues on social media, give them contact options to get immediate service instead. Millennials would rather contact you on social media platforms versus going back and forth over email, too. It’s a conversational way of getting things done without a two-day turnaround to get a response back. Aside from automatically generating messages to consumers on social media, chatbots can provide round-the-clock customer service support and help with marketing activities. Social bots can do things like allow your customers to auto-schedule an appointment immediately or check the status of a shipment.

Sometimes a bot just isn’t enough.

In situations that are more emotionally charged (often when the customer has had a negative experience), a live agent is obligatory. Complex questions should be answered by a live agent too. But even when a live agent is at work, a bot can still be used! A bot can provide real-time data to an agent, including the customer’s information and a transcript of everything that has happened thus far. Having this intel at their fingertips makes it easy for agents to jump into the conversation, take over, and be incredibly helpful.

Bots and humans provide the best of both worlds.

The best solution is a combination of automation and human touch. People want customer service experiences to feel human! But ML can add value by storing and analyzing customer behavior and giving that data to an agent which results in better customer service. That’s the goal!

Here’s a perfect example: a customer contacts a company for help with a product they purchased online, an automated reply acknowledges their request for help and sends an e-mail confirmation with a copy of the submission, a chatbot sends an instant message letting them know how long it will be until they receive a response, and then a live agent reaches out to the customer via their preferred method within the set time frame. Automation sets and manages expectations, while the quality of service delivered by the live agent is the opportunity to be impactful. At the end of the interaction, the customer receives a survey giving him/her the option to give feedback and potentially request another representative follow up with them to ensure customer satisfaction.

Coordinating all efforts across channels and across teams gives customers a seamless experience. If your current platform isn’t smart, easy to use, and well-designed, it’s time to upgrade. Hammond, Edify’s virtual assistant, uses AI and ML data models to enhance the role of a contact center user by maximizing efficiency without sacrificing quality, and most importantly, the human touch. And that’s the exact CX your business needs to stand apart from the competition.

Brand loyalty? You bet.


Written by Edify

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