Grow Without Limits: How Gig Agents Can Amp Up Your CX

Jun 30, 2021 10:35:14 AM

Growing businesses often encounter customer inquiries that outpace what they’re set up to effectively handle. When your contact center gets stretched thin and encounters new challenges, your customers can almost always tell. Plus, the pain is also felt by stressed-out agents who are short on the time, and possibly skills, to handle the customer inquiries coming in.

In order to scale your contact center without disrupting the customer experience (CX) you provide, you need the right technology of course, but there’s a second -- and equally important -- thing to do: leverage the growing gig economy to fulfill remote customer service agent roles. It’s time to look outside the traditional hiring pool for agents. Here’s why. . .

Leveraging the Gig Economy to Scale 

According to a recent report from the World Economic Forum, “For millions of people, working nine-to-five for a single employer or being on the payroll is no longer a reality. Instead, they balance various income streams and work independently, job-by-job.” This is the gig economy: people who are making a living by working jobs that don’t put them in an office and don’t require them to clock in and out. 

This is great news for contact center leaders because it opens up new talent pools that may not otherwise be available. For example, maybe there’s a growing need for agents that speak a certain language. Or perhaps there’s a need for agents with a very specific technical skillset to serve a particular audience. What if you could even leverage your best customers to help newer ones? If a loyal customer knows so much about your products that he or she could work for your business, why not hire them! Imagine if a customer could email or call and be connected with a peer expert who is able and willing to share their personal insight. 

Regardless of how brands execute it, leveraging the gig economy allows contact centers to grow on their own terms and increase the quality of the experience they provide by unlocking access to a world of new talent. 

Give Agents Freedom & the Power to Innovate 

In today’s reimagined world of work, being tethered to an office where colleagues are sitting at communal desks, cubicles, or in offices is no longer the norm. We need to meet our employees and our agents where they are. This means making it possible, and even easy, to work from anywhere. It wasn’t always possible to give agents the access and support they needed to be productive and successful in a work-from-home (WFH) or work-from-anywhere (WFA) world. Agents need to be able to get instant support from supervisors and other experts across the business regardless of where they are, while also having the tools they need to deliver faster resolutions, deepen customer relationships, build loyalty, and increase revenue. 

Now they can. Edify makes it possible for agents to stay informed and connected to their teams and supervisors, giving them the knowledge and guidance they need to deliver the high-touch, personalized experiences that today’s customers demand without having to physically be at a contact center headquarters. Plus, giving the people at the front line the power to fix what's broken (or breaking), makes customer experiences better and better. 

Contact Centers Need to Change to Keep Up

Contact centers need to keep pace with the needs of modern customers and support their enterprises as they grow and change. Customer experience now plays an even more essential role in a brand’s success or failure, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. The pressure is on. 

Besides having the right tools in place, a sound staffing strategy is critical to cost-effectively keep pace with rising and falling demand. Without the right agents in place, it becomes very difficult to deliver the level of service today’s customers are looking for. Being able to add or remove contact center users as needed with the click of a button is a must. This is the kind of power contact center leaders need to win at CX.

It’s a tall order, but with new technology and the gig economy in full swing, it's finally possible to bring varying talent into the fold and empower agents to work from anywhere. Are you ready? No-code solutions and per-user-per-day pricing can get you there. Come take a no-commitment look at how we do it by joining our Summer Demo Days series.


Written by Edify

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