Enterprise Connect 2022: A Recap

Mar 31, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Enterprise Connect is always the biggest show of the year, so we couldn’t be more excited to be back in person this year in Orlando. This conference brings vendors, partners, and end-users together to discuss all things related to business communications. We had a new booth on display and invited many of our team members to join us, both on the show floor and online, from March 27-30. And with just three days of exhibiting, our collective schedules were packed with analyst briefings, speaking sessions, demos, networking, and team dinners. 

It was a whirlwind but in the best way. Check out this fun video from Enterprise Connect to get a sense of what it was like being there (or to relive the experience):

Talking Tech: The Trends This Year

Our team noticed that several trends and themes really dominated the conversations between vendors and prospects, namely:

  • Breaking down the silos between CC and UC; how to integrate them
  • Composable contact centers
  • AI for predictive analytics and EX-boosting self-service/automation
  • “Tools for all” i.e., better tools for your entire workforce
  • No-code systems that allow for easy CX design, architecture, and management
  • Real-time agent assistance and interaction guidance
  • Changing call center metrics
  • The continuation of remote work

Lucky for us, these are all topics that we’re passionate about! So the Edify team was more than happy to spend our days discussing why it’s time to remove IT barriers for teams with democratized technology, allowing CX changes to be made on the fly. 

We also think the agent experience matters more than ever and that it hinges upon the software they have to use every day at work. Using a one-window solution where every tool is in its place is key, as well as having built-in features like AI-powered agent assist and real-time transcription and translation. 

Connecting UCaaS with CCaaS is a no-brainer, too, since enabling frontline agents with back-office SMEs will resolve customer inquiries faster and more completely. 

Lastly, we’re also advising customers to rethink their contact center KPIs post-pandemic, since what made sense before likely doesn’t anymore. Striking a perfect balance between agent productivity and engagement is possible! 

Speaking On Stage

My Edify colleagues represented us well in two separate speaking engagements. First, our Director of Marketing, Cliff Snyder, hosted a *very* entertaining session in EC 100 on the show floor. And, yes, it involved both memes AND magic tricks (if you know Cliff, you know that this is very fitting to his personality). He showcased the new product release we announced on the opening day of Enterprise Connect – Edify Workflows. The standalone version of the no-code, drag-and-drop design tool at the heart of our flagship solution is now available without the need for a dedicated software license or IT experts. With Edify Workflows, contact centers can create and execute AI-powered, fully-automated customer service experiences. It’s a lot like magic. Watch:

Next up was our Senior Client Operations Manager, Andrew Larty, who spoke on a panel moderated by Mila D’Antonio from Omdia. It was titled Meeting the New CX Mandate: Are you Leading or Falling Behind?, and it featured folks from Genesys, UJet, and NICE. The panelists concluded the following:

  • Companies need unified data and digital-first service offerings because a lack of capabilities leads to a broken CX
  • Many contact center solutions are too complex, involving multiple interfaces for agents to contend with, so organizations must strive for true omnichannel service with continuous connectivity options instead
  • Digital adoption has been slow, yet the younger workforce expects experiences that mirror how they use their personal devices
  • Too many businesses lack data insights and 40% can’t identify the same customer across channels, which means your agents aren’t totally informed when accepting an interaction; tie all communication channels together in one window and continually invest in AI

More and more companies are finding it harder to hire and retain the right agents and the only way to fix the issue is to provide people with the technology, training, and education that makes them want to work for you. After all, happy agents are essential to leading to happy customers. 

According to data shared by D’Antonio during this session, consumers have weighed in, saying that they perceive a brand to only be as good as its customer service. The moral of the story? Make sure your agents are supported by leaders who care about them and prove it by arming them with the tools they need to do their jobs without stress, frustration, or wasted efforts.

Big Announcements

In addition to our announcement regarding Edify Workflows becoming available as a standalone product (see this Tweet from Dave Michels), we also dropped a press release about Edify’s just-announced Sync video collaboration feature. By innately tying UCaaS to CCaaS in a single solution, now colleagues, customers, and partners can talk face-to-face and share screens with one click. Sync eliminates the need for third-party video applications, all while giving every agent access to more knowledge within the company. 

We’ve even partnered with Jabra, as their award-winning endpoints help create outstanding video experiences. Analysts and prospects got to see a demo of Edify Sync in tandem with Jabra’s Panacast 50.

Communicating via video is the norm in our personal lives and it must be just as easy and intuitive in the business world, as a visual cross-functional collaboration between employees and teams allows for quick and easy growth! And, the customer benefits from having their issues resolved in record time by literally being able to “show the problem” to the agent. Collaboration and simplification are the new buzzwords - and this focus on having CCaaS and UCaaS under one roof should drive more seamless customer service interactions. 

‘Til Next Time

Edify is passionate about improving the ways that contact center agents engage with customers and the way that employees interact with each other. It was a true pleasure to connect with so many like-minded people and dig deep into topics that impact the worlds of CC, UC, CX, and beyond. 

And while we’ve just landed back home, we’re already ideating our next innovations. What will Enterprise Connect 2023 have in store? We can’t wait to find out. In the meantime, drop us a line if you want to learn more about what Edify can do for your business right now.


Written by Edify

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