Emotion Detection - Your CX Can’t Survive Without It

Jul 26, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Customer service starts when the customer experience breaks down. No wonder there’s such a big push to perfect the customer experience, to help avoid the giant demand for customer service at all. The best company leaders and marketers realize that every interaction a consumer has with a business can form a positive or negative emotional impression. This is why it is so important for brands to invest time and funds into perfecting their customer experience. After all, people remember how a company made them feel--long after the interaction is over.

CustomerThink recently published an article on this topic titled Will Emotion Detection Change Customer Experience Forever? They harped on something many of us often forget, the fact that emotions drive behavior. Brands that do the best at monitoring customer sentiment through emotion detection will be the ones who win the customer experience war. 

CustomerThink explains emotion detection as such:


Emotion detection measures an individual’s verbal and non-verbal communication in order to understand their mood or attitude. The idea is to evaluate a customer’s experience with a product or their interaction with a representative of the company and to uncover any weak links that cause negative reactions. Also known as emotion analytics, the ramifications of implementing this technology into customer support systems are endless.

Simply put, emotions determine brand loyalty and, vice versa, customers’ likelihood of churning. Thanks to developments in emotion detection and analytics, it’s actually becoming quite easy for companies to tune into their customers’ feelings and analyze what makes them tick. The article goes on to describe emotion detection as a ‘secret weapon’ for businesses since the emotion analytics market is expected to explode over the next five years. So, we pose the question: how do customers feel when they come in contact with your brand? Well, how would you know? As you’d expect, it’s all about your technology and the data. 

Emotion detection is your secret weapon.

Today, customers expect their interactions with brands to be fast and easy. And lucky for you, delivering this type of exceptional service is possible. You just need to invest in the right tools. And trust us, it’s worth it.

Imagine this, a customer has a problem and calls your service hotline. They’re already a bit put off--they are calling with a problem after all--and they are now having to go through multiple automated prompts to reach the right department. But what if your system could detect that this customer was more frustrated than the average caller? What if exasperation was detected in his/her voice and so, instead of being instructed to answer more questions or press more buttons, the customer was automatically connected with a live agent who is ready and willing to assist? It’s a safe bet that this customer’s irritation would quickly improve. This is precisely why you need emotion detection as part of your CX! The first step is finding a partner with built-in machine learning to analyze emotional data, including sentiment analysis and speech analysis. 

(In case you’re not familiar, sentiment analysis is contextual mining of text, using algorithms to determine whether a customer’s sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. And speech analysis is essentially the process of combing through voice recordings or live calls to find data regarding emotion in a customer’s voice.) 

Put your technology to work.

If your contact center is using advanced machine learning-powered bots and leveraging Natural Language Understanding (NLU)--which enables bots to understand human language, both written or spoken--your bots can conduct sentiment analysis to gather information about customers’ emotions automatically. That’s right. Customers aren’t required to take any action; the bot can determine the emotional state of the customer by what the customer does or says. They review the data to determine which questions to ask and what prompts to deliver. And they know if and when it's time to automatically connect a customer with a live agent (especially an upset one). This process can eliminate so much customer frustration, potentially turning an upset customer into a lifelong one. 

Technology is transforming the entire customer experience. With the right emotion detection tools integrated into your contact center to support your frontline service reps, you can amaze your customers with experiences that are both consistent and memorable. But, if you can’t measure it, you can’t effectively manage it. Tracking and measuring emotions will help your business deliver the best CX by identifying what your customers are feeling in the moment. That’s why a communications platform with emotion detection tools is key. It’s a game-changer… or dare I say… a secret weapon.


Written by Edify

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