Edify x Chrome OS: Power Up Your One-Click Contact Center

Oct 18, 2021 10:33:06 AM

When the world is still bubbling with uncertainty on so many fronts, your brand needs to maintain consistent and reliable contact with its customers more than ever. Brands provide continuity and a point of connection in many people’s lives, in ways that go far beyond the products and services they offer. When this responsibility is embraced consciously and professionally as a duty of care, it’s a win for all parties.

Your contact center is the face of your brand and the point of connection through which it speaks; for today’s tech-savvy digitally-enabled consumers, it’s vital to go beyond offering a service to building a relationship and providing a complete experience.

Edify’s omnichannel capabilities put the customer at the heart of the conversation and empower your agents to meet them where they already hang out - letting them interact with you the same way they would with a friend, switching from one channel to another in a continuous flow which serves their needs at every moment. This empowers customers to develop a personal relationship with you that transcends the medium and easily flips from one mode to another at-need or will.

The Edify Interface: Supporting Customers and Agents

Configuring their journey is simple for you too, with Edify’s drag-and-drop, no-code workflows. Additionally, your agents are supported by intelligent knowledge-management systems which put the right information at their fingertips, while making it easy for them to loop in a colleague when required. 

Intuitive, just-in-time information is available when it is needed, giving your people superpowers that customers will love. It boosts your first call resolution and all satisfaction metrics. Not only does it solve the customer’s problem, but the agent feels good too when they can deliver an excellent experience, without ever having to transfer or call someone back. Your agents are customers too, so they know what their callers need, as well as what they need at work to help achieve total customer satisfaction and build enhanced relationships with your brand. When you give them the right tools and support to deliver this kind of experience, they’ll love their work and love making customers happy.

But those agents likely aren’t working side-by-side in rows of cubicles anymore. Today they could be anywhere, yet even those still working in shared offices need the flexibility to relocate at any time if a crisis strikes.

Because Edify is browser-based, it only takes minutes - not months - to spin up new seats, and our Chrome Enterprise Recommended badge is proof that the application is perfect for use on a highly portable Chromebook. Putting these new integrated solutions to work in your contact center has endless benefits. 

Beyond The Cubicle: Edify and Chrome OS

Together, Edify and Chrome OS give every brand the ability to power up an entire contact center in a moment, on this secure, ubiquitous, and robust device. Whether your agent is home-based, on the move, or hybrid and working from changing locations, a Chromebook is the perfect companion. This combination makes scaling your contact center a completely elastic and fluid experience.

If you need to grow your team quickly, the ease of use makes onboarding a slick and intuitive process. We built Edify to make it easy to deliver the customer experience we know all good brands aspire to, and that means being able to work the way the world is today. Easy, secure connectivity, an entirely cloud-based backend, and all the learning and onboarding tools embedded directly where they’re needed, means you’re getting enterprise-grade tooling combined with the simplicity of Chrome.

Managing those teams of agents is simple, too, wherever they’re located. 

Transparent, granular, per-user-per-day contact center software pricing shifts your entire department to an OpEx/SaaS model, with direct costs that reflect your exact level of use because we want your finance people to be as happy as your customers. No installations, redundant capacity, or unused seats to worry about, all backed by a 100% full-stack SLA - so your Ops, IT, and security teams have nothing to worry about either.

The Flexible Customer Service Agent

Not only is shipping everyone a Chromebook about as straightforward as IT provisioning can get, but you will also have them up and running in a couple of clicks. Agents can start helping your customers straight away. 

You can see it all happening, too, thanks to real-time reporting and analytics in the Edify dashboard which makes supervision a breeze. Monitoring agent and team performance across your choice of metrics and KPIs in a visual and responsive way lets you manage resources effectively, whatever the constraints, and see the ebb and flow of customer interactions as demand responds organically to requirements.

Managing customer experience is about being able to zoom in on detail as well as oversee the big picture while being able to support and develop your team members wherever they’re doing their work. Explore and compare individual performance, and provide meaningful training and feedback, to help them grow and thrive in their role, while also highlighting excellence and best practice to model across the team. 

You can also directly supervise customer-agent interactions too, and provide discrete input to assist your agents or even take over a call when the situation warrants it. 

Supporting Your Most Important People

Just because you can’t see your agents’ faces when working in a distributed team doesn’t mean you can’t respond to their unique needs, particularly when you know they’re acting as the face of your brand while also embedded in their personal home space. And they’ll feel part of the team and shared vision wherever they’re contributing, because of the unified communications tools embedded in the platform.

As the customer service industry faces unprecedented churn just while the need for deepening connection with your brand is at its height, you need to provide a great experience for your agents, too - supporting and enabling them to take satisfaction from their interactions, and love working for you making your customers happy.

Providing them with the right combination of hardware and software to do that work well is a vital foundation. 

Edify and Chrome OS are the perfect combination to underpin a win for your brand, your people, and your customers.


Written by Edify

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