Edify CEO Responds to Innovation in the Cloud-Based Contact Center Market

Apr 22, 2019 9:33:55 AM

In a recently published review of the Contact Center market, DMG Consulting validated their historic predictions and stated their vision for the changes to come. DMG Consulting attributes the rapidly increasing growth in cloud solutions to the overall innovation by next-generation vendors.

I also believe that the slow migration to the Cloud is more closely related to the overall lack of functionality from CCaaS solutions, rather than enterprises continuing to be skeptical of the cloud itself.

The article does not directly address the emerging trend of custom deployment models but alludes to it by referencing staged deployment schedules. I believe that this is the last major roadblock in ‘opening the floodgates’ from on-premises to cloud migrations. 

Enterprises need a platform that is designed from both a technology standpoint as well as a pricing standpoint to allow them to deploy a cloud solution at whatever speed makes sense for them. The ability to decide which technology they should start with--such as Machine Learning (ML) empowered Intelligent Routing Engines (formerly known as IVR), or the Agent Interface, or potentially even the UC toolset--is critical.

Cameron Weeks

Written by Cameron Weeks

Cameron Weeks is tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and visionary--the driving force behind what’s happening now and what is to come. As CEO, he guides the team at Edify to drive new business, seek growth in existing and emerging markets, and push the boundaries in the cloud-based business communications sector. Learn more here.