Edify Announces Enhanced Reporting and Analytics Functionality

Jul 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Contact: Liz Cahill for Edify Labs



Contact centers can now create personalized dashboards for every agent – making it easier to track performance, identify opportunities for growth, and elevate the customer experience 

July 14, 2021—Santa Monica, CA—Edify Labs (edify.cx), the customer experience software company that makes business communications feel more like personal ones, announced it has added enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities to its Edify Huddle CX contact center solution. Now, brands can more easily monitor performance, flag issues, and actively apply real-time data to improve the customer experience they deliver.

“Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities are critical for any company that wants to deliver exceptional customer experiences on a consistent basis -- which should be every company,” said Bracken Fields, co-founder and CTO of Edify. ”While Edify Huddle CX has always innately included these capabilities, we’ve gone a step further by redesigning dashboards and building out features to make everything related to reporting and analytics better, faster, and more user-friendly than ever before.”  

Edify Huddle CX users can now utilize new no-code drag-and-drop options to build unique dashboards for each agent to track performance and even run custom workflows based on the chart data. This helps contact center managers see how agents are doing individually, compared to their team, and in context of the entire organization. Plus, all reporting functionality is faster and seamlessly blends chart types and tabular data within the new dashboard.

Here’s what else is new:

  • All reporting and analytics functionality is visible inside of the same Huddle screen used for everything else in the contact center, making performance tracking perpetually visible for all.
  • Custom dashboards help agents see their own performance in real time while supervisors can quickly analyze stats regarding the contact center as a whole.
  • Managers can drag-and-drop modules to control the data they want to analyze in order to better coach and train agents, increase or decrease staffing levels, and more.
  • Users can easily create big number charts, bar charts, pie charts, and line charts to view data and glean insights in different ways.
  • A new reports workspace offers users an area to save and review charts from within different reports.  
  • Users can also now trigger real-time messages based on dashboard data to help mitigate issues before they begin.

Edify unites contact center (CCaaS), unified communications (UCaaS), and real-time communications (CPaaS/API) functionality in a single, cloud-native software solution that lets users move seamlessly among channels within one conversation. This gives agents the ultimate flexibility to serve customers faster and more completely from within a single pane of glass. Edify Huddle CX delivers comprehensive cloud-native omnichannel business communications with machine learning and built-in UC for $7 per user/day. Edify Huddle EX delivers unified communications for $10 per user/month.  

About Edify Labs, Inc.

Edify connects businesses with customers and employees with each other, making business communications as easy as personal ones. Its flagship product, Edify Huddle CX, unites contact center (CCaaS), unified communications (UCaaS), and real-time communications platform (CPaaS/API) functionality in a cloud-native solution that lets users move seamlessly among channels within one conversation, just as we do on our phones. Edify removes all the risk once associated with moving to the cloud by delivering global availability, real-time redundancy, no-waste pricing, and a 100% SLA uptime guarantee. Learn more at edify.cx.

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