Day 33 of Quarantine

Apr 16, 2020 2:19:40 PM

It's hard to believe it's been over a month since I've dropped my kids off at school, worked out at the gym, grabbed a coffee and blogged from my favorite local coffee shop, dined in at a restaurant, or spent my weekend at the beach with my family. I have left the house a handful of times, out of necessity, taking two or three trips to the grocery store when everything was out of stock online and two trips to the home improvement store. I consider myself extremely lucky because I was already working remotely and I've been able to continue doing so. I can continue working from home without disruption while leveraging delivery services like Instacart, Grove, and Amazon for my household needs -- just what I need while social distancing. 

I’ve been particularly fortunate because of my employer. Working for a supportive tech company, all of my colleagues were able to transition to WFH immediately with little to no barrier. We definitely had a leg up. The biggest hurdle was likely for my colleagues who had to load their monitors and equipment into the trunks of their cars on a Friday afternoon. Overall, Edify adapted to new working conditions quickly and smoothly; I know our tech-forward mindset has been a huge asset. So, a month into quarantine, here's what we know is critical for business continuity...

100% Remote for All

Taking care of your employees helps them take care of your customers, that's true always. But especially now, we know that many businesses - especially contact centers - are not set up for social distancing. You've seen the news reports of customer care agents afraid to go into work. They're wondering why they're risking their lives to sit in cubicles and take calls. Moving all of your employees and call center agents home is the only way to keep your people safe (and, hello, happy). We also know many companies continue to struggle to make that happen. So, we immediately put together some resources to lessen the impact and keep your business running.

100% SLA and an Always-Ready Infrastructure

Health and safety come first. Convenience and camaraderie come next. While the entire Edify team is working from home, unified communications (UCaaS) continues to bring us together. Edify Huddle was built to power #workfromanywhere from the start, with built-in unified communications via Huddle Office. Daily team meetings are the norm, but we can do even more, like ask questions to managers easily, brainstorm with colleagues, commiserate about the joys of homeschooling our kids, you name it. Our company culture leaders haven’t missed a beat either. We’re regularly updated on company strategies and even have occasional company-wide happy hours, all of which help to make this isolated time a whole lot more bearable. We are truly embracing the trending hashtag: #alonetogether.

Every company should have this flexibility for their workforce, too, now and always. Our cloud-native platform is ready. You can get five free users forever right now and be up and running in less than one hour. When you're ready to make the switch, you only pay for what you use - not a dollar more. If you need help migrating your contact centers & teams to be 100% remote, we can help.

While we’re physically distancing ourselves these days, we’re all in this together. Don't hesitate to reach out. Stay well!


Written by Edify

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