Customer Service of the Future

Apr 29, 2020 10:00:00 AM

The world just changed. And with that, I think customer service will too.

There has been an enormous shift in the way we can connect with friends and family. Playdate with a neighbor? Not now. Your best friend’s wedding? Postponed. That company get-together? Maybe next year. Extended family dinners? Canceled. Instead of in-person, face-to-face gatherings, truly everything has gone digital. We’re realizing more than ever how crucial video is in order to keep us connected to the people we care about. 

Voice and text have always been important, but video might be the new standard for personal and professional communications. And I think this experience will merge with our expectations of customer service and how we want to connect with the brands we do business with. Customer service is about to change (for the better).

Customer Service Has to Catch Up 

As a society, we already use a variety of communication tools across all channels for connecting with friends and family. From Snapchat to Instagram to Facebook to traditional email, phone calls, and texting, staying in touch with friends and loved ones is as simple as the touch of one button. Unfortunately, we’ve still been waiting for the companies we do business with to catch up. Social distancing and quarantines being shared by all have reinforced the power of virtual connections more than ever before. I’d be willing to bet that these expectations will soon be -- if they aren’t already -- extending to customer service too. 

All of us are unexpectedly multitasking more than ever. We’ve been sent to work from home while raising children, homeschooling, taking care of pets, sharing a makeshift office with a spouse, and cooking from scratch -- every day, for the foreseeable future, which is expected to be months at least.  As we all adjust to our new normal, it’s no surprise that we need faster, better customer service support. 

omnichannel customer service

We now need to convey non-urgent medical questions via a teledoc service. Grocery shopping is happening online via a delivery service. Home organization is probably at an all-time high for most, which means people are shopping online to get their new needs met too. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway …  customer service better be speedy, easy, and accessible on all channels, or you’re simply not getting our business. 

Now is the Time to Shine for Customer Service Teams Everywhere

A recent Forbes article, ‘Will Coronavirus Improve Customer Service?’, tells us, “Experts say companies that figure out how to adapt, incorporate new technology and develop deeper human connections will come out on top.” We know there is really only one way to ensure a customer’s experience is smooth and efficient whether the customer is connecting with a business via its website, on Twitter, at a brick-and-mortar location, or more. Omnichannel is the way to win. This means your business needs to have ALL of its channels in sync, including the contact center. 

When your contact center technology is tied to the rest of your organization, not only will your employees working remotely have a stellar experience, your customers will too. They’ll get quick and painless service across all channels; they'll receive the kind of experience they've waited far too long for. 

We’ve talked about why collaboration is the secret to creating a winning CX. Omnichannel is key too; it should be the norm, yet so many businesses are getting it wrong. Make sure you’re not one of them. Utilize an omnichannel cloud solution that ensures you can be where your customers are and deliver an exceptional CX no matter what channel they start and end with. 

And your agents that are working from home all over the world right now? They too will benefit from the power of such technology. Instead of managing multiple screens and programs, everything they need to deliver stellar service is in front of them, with no switching, no multiple logins, and no extra hurdles to jump through. Finally, there’s a way to easily connect with customers and with each other in one click, whether it’s on the phone (using any device), video chat, text, and more. Your technology should meet your agents, your teams, and your customers where they are.

The future starts now.


Written by Edify

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