Customer Contact Week Vegas - A Recap

Jul 1, 2019 10:18:54 AM

Last week, the Edify team was out of the office. No, we weren’t on an all-staff summer vacation, but we flew to Las Vegas for Customer Contact Week (CCW)--the world’s largest customer contact event. The expo, which attracts tons of players in the customer experience (CX), contact center, and customer care space, was celebrating its 20th anniversary. This big milestone coincidentally happened during a year that is promising big growth and innovation for the industry.


IMG_20190626_174234_404CCW: An Inside Peek

CCW booked an impressive lineup this year. Top speakers included Tony Hsieh and Shep Hyken. Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, discussed the importance of having a strong dedication to an organization’s customer service, culture, and customer experience. Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer, bestselling author, professional speaker, and CCW Influencer, shared his point of view on how the customer experience and relationship building are key differentiators for businesses. 

Edify was excited to be a sponsor, showcasing our brand new platform in the Edify Pavilion. We offered demos, live presentations, and had our product experts ready to share the ins and outs about the new Edify Huddle platform. 

IMG_20190626_174020_338The fun began on Wednesday, which turned out to be the busiest day; the show floor was buzzing! Attendees were excited to learn about new solutions and curious to hear about Edify. Other events can be dominated by vendors, but CCW was full of attendees, many of whom brought colleagues to play the role of end users. Without a doubt, there was a common focus on omni-channel, cloud, and CX-boosting solutions. But, do they truly deliver?

Problems That Need to Be Solved

Attendees came to CCW looking to solve their current technological woes. From the discussions we had, most organizations seem to be struggling with 1) improving the CX, 2) becoming fully cloud-based, and 3) having to use multiple vendors to try to piece together a communications solution.

IMG_20190630_204208_925One attendee told us, “We just suck. And we’re not sure what we’re going to do to fix it. That’s why we’re here.” Another call center executive told us, “Anything is better than the solution we have right now.” People are frustrated. They’re overpaying for their technology. They realize what they’re doing right now isn’t enough for their CX or customer satisfaction; they’re feeling desperate to fix their tech problems and take the next step.

So, what is that next step? Well, it just so happens that this is the issue our team at Edify was brought together to solve. 

A New and Better Solution

Wednesday was more than just the first day of CCW; it was also the day we announced the general availability of Edify Huddle, the industry’s first and only cloud-native Business Communications as a Service (BCaaS) platform. It combines contact center software, unified communications, and real-time communication APIs into a single solution. Read the full press release here

Basically, Huddle is the answer that so many people have been waiting for. And no one should be surprised that we made it happen. Our co-founders Cameron Weeks and Bracken Fields have been living and breathing this industry for more than a decade. They knew there was a big problem, and we are excited to finally have a solution!

IMG_20190626_101955Edify Huddle was designed to change the way the contact center operates, not because it offers flashy tricks and features, but because it does what all other CX platforms haven’t been able to do. It connects employees together in an effective way so frontline reps can connect to product experts in seconds. Tough customer questions get answered fast, without repeated transfers or frustratingly long hold times. And that’s just the start. Customers can choose any medium they want. Video? Yep. Traditional phone calls? Sure thing. Chat, social media, and email? Yes, yes, and yes. And it’s all happening within one interface.

Huddle is also the perfect choice for any organization hesitant about migrating to the cloud, because we are giving all clients their first five users at no cost--for life. It’s completely risk-free with no barriers to entry.

Are you curious about what else we offer and just how Edify Huddle could change your business? If you want to discuss how we can take your CX to the next level, drop us a note at You can also book a demo on our website.


Written by Edify

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