Why Contact Centers are Moving to the Cloud

May 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM


Cloud technology has been a hot topic among contact center experts for years. It was once a crazy idea and now it’s more inevitable than ever--contact centers are moving to the cloud. Some have already migrated and others are in the process of doing so. But not all companies are ready yet, and the migration is not happening as fast as you would think. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why many organizations are hesitant to move their contact centers to the cloud and offer up insights that might just put these concerns to bed once and for all.

In 2018, Aberdeen surveyed contact centers around the world and reported that two-thirds of them are still using an on-premise model for their contact center technology infrastructure. Surprisingly, only 36% of contact centers currently use any form of cloud technology! Barriers to cloud migration--like cost, security, integrations and reliability--are, interestingly enough, some of the greatest benefits to moving to the cloud (with the right provider).

The Aberdeen cloud contact center studies also showed us that, from 2013 to 2018, cloud technology adoption has steadily been on the rise. Many businesses are currently exploring cloud options or are already planning a move to the cloud. Those who have already moved to the cloud may be considering a switch to a next-generation cloud-based contact center solution. New and better vendors with next-gen platforms that take a holistic approach to unifying business communications are emerging.

Let’s take a look at why contact centers are finally moving to the cloud…

Cost Predictability and Savings

Some businesses are concerned about fluctuating costs and being able to predict the true expense of cloud technology for financial forecasting and budgeting. On-premise models tend to have more fixed costs because money has been sunk into the cost of physical hardware, regardless of whether it’s used constantly or not. With this model, businesses are not able to save money during periods of low traffic. Costs are fixed. Period. However, we know contact centers have fluctuating seasons of customer traffic, with high and low periods, and many employees are moving towards working remotely. Businesses should be able to pay only for what they use, without the complexity of capacity forecasting, long-term contracts or minimum commitments.

At Edify, we created a new pricing model that not only makes budgeting easier, but also supports your employees’ various work styles. With a daily or “24 hour” pricing model for our contact center application, businesses only pay a flat rate per day for each user that logs in. Only pay for part-time and seasonal employees on the days they are logged in. This makes financial forecasting and budgeting easier than ever. The best part? It impacts more than just your bottom line. Remote users can work seamlessly between different devices on our platform.

Increase Uptime

If a contact center experiences downtime, they are unable to do the one job they have, and that's to serve customers. This often results in angry customers or, even worse, a loss of business. Business continuity is of utmost importance, and investing in the right cloud technology will actually increase uptime. Since Edify is a carrier, we are able to use many other carriers to ensure call quality and reliability. We offer the industry’s highest, most inclusive SLA ever at 100%. Enterprises receive reliability through financially-backed uptime. This is crucial to ensuring your customers can reach you whenever and however they need to. In today’s competitive marketplace, this could be a key differentiator that sets you apart.


You have to keep up with technologies in order to meet your customers’ changing needs. Cloud technology makes it easy to add applications as-you-go, like internal chat and voicemail. With an on-premise model, a business requires significantly more hardware and IT personnel to manage changes to their system. We took this into consideration when we created our platform. Having these services accessible through a third-party company eliminates hardware costs and a sizable portion of required IT experts. With Edify, you can move to the cloud at a pace that works best for you and your business. Start with the basics and add applications as needed.


Security and compliance have long been reasons why enterprises won’t stray from on-premise models. But data is now well-controlled in cloud-based infrastructures. Heavily regulated industries like health care and financial services have to safeguard their data, so they must choose a provider accordingly. We don’t take this lightly. The Edify platform holds the following certifications: PCI, HIPAA, ISO: 270001, SOC 2, GDPR. Hospitals and life insurance firms can finally use cloud contact centers and maintain compliance without worry.

Lower IT Demands

Let’s face it, in-house IT is expensive, and contact center hardware requires continuous updating. With cloud contact center solutions, companies can reduce their reliance on IT and lower their IT staff size. Internal IT experts can then focus on other strategic initiatives, letting third-party providers manage nearly all aspects of the cloud infrastructure.

Global Availability & Frictionless Collaboration

Edify operates within one cloud that’s globally available in 12 data regions. Our single platform unifies your entire workforce so communication flows easily across departments and with customers. The customer experience isn’t owned by a single department, but is rather impacted (both positively and negatively) by employees across the board. In today’s world, work is an activity and not a location. Teams need to be able to communicate and collaborate on any channel at any time. We built a platform that makes it easy for colleagues to stay connected whether they are down the hall or worlds away from each other. It’s essential to embrace collaboration tools when managing remote employees. Edify makes it easy to foster team communications and accountability.

Don’t Fear the Cloud--It’s a Bright Future

There’s no longer any doubt that cloud technology will help your business. If you’re looking for a cloud-native communications solution with endless benefits for your contact center and your business as a whole, try Edify on for size with five users at no cost, forever!


Written by Edify

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