Agents without scripts? It's time to have real conversations.

Oct 17, 2019 9:45:00 AM

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People dislike having to call the companies they do business with. It’s time-consuming, it's often about a problem, and it’s usually pretty frustrating. What’s worse, many times the people on the other end of the line either can’t help, don’t act like they want to help, or don’t even feel like actual people because they’re spouting off pre-written thoughts from a script.

When consumers need to speak with a customer service agent to resolve an issue, they expect the experience to feel human. While we’re definitely living in a digital world, we can’t forget that the human touch is still so important--and it needs to be genuine. Our CEO's point of view on the power of allowing agents to speak without scripts was published on Smart Customer Service.

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Cameron Weeks

Written by Cameron Weeks

Cameron Weeks is tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and visionary--the driving force behind what’s happening now and what is to come. As CEO, he guides the team at Edify to drive new business, seek growth in existing and emerging markets, and push the boundaries in the cloud-based business communications sector. Learn more here.