A New Recipe for Agent Productivity

Mar 15, 2022 9:00:00 AM

The world’s greatest line chefs do not begin a single culinary activity until their mise en place is fully assembled.

This French phrase describes the individual arrangement of every tool and ingredient a chef may require in the perfect position - never more than arm’s reach away - ensuring an optimal balance of quality, consistency, and productivity at their workstation in a busy kitchen. 

Everything about the ‘mise’ is designed to ensure this - and with good reason. The late, great Anthony Bourdain described it as, "religion, a fundamental principle, the Tao of cooking." You never mess with it. Items you need continually are positioned just below your right hand, those regularly but occasionally just to the side, and so on.

operating your contact center efficiently

We view the chef’s mise en place to be very similar to the contact center tools made available to an agent. Because when the orders start rolling in from the front of the house, it’s not unlike a shift in a busy contact center. Each customer expects and deserves the same high standards as the last, and the agent can only respond with a consistent level of excellence when they have each tool they need directly at hand. If the information they require is hidden in the back of a cupboard, metaphorically, the time taken to rummage for it will directly impact operational productivity - and may result in a burnt, undercooked, or delayed, response. And an unhappy customer to boot.

Having everything in its place is more crucial than ever.

In 2022, that customer service agent may be working from anywhere and doing so on a laptop. It’s essential they have hardware and software that reflects this fundamental change in the way we live and work today, and where the UI is optimized for single screen productivity and effectiveness.

If we look at photos of a typical contact center from a few years ago - agents in a bank of cubicles filled with screens and physically plugged into their phone systems - it looks horribly antiquated. Yet many agents are still struggling with platform design dating from this era. With these types of outdated tools, agents are having to navigate a maze of tabs between their contact center app, CRM, product info, and different communications channels. It’s as though our haute cuisine chef had their tools and ingredients scattered around the kitchen randomly by somebody else, with no thought to ergonomics and muscle memory, never mind their headspace and state of productive flow.

What the agent deserves is a truly unified cloud-native contact center platform, designed for the way they work now - operating through a single streamlined browser window, which offers them all customer interactions, CRM, survey data, and product details, on one screen.


Then they can speed through inquiries quickly without compromising on the quality of their responses, thus reducing handle time and simultaneously increasing average speed to answer, as well as first call resolution. All of these metrics drive greater customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and NPS, which goes straight to the bottom line.

In a competitive economic environment and ongoing global geopolitical uncertainty, this frictionless experience for your agent enables them to spend more time listening to customers and developing empathy, deepening the brand-customer relationship. This means creating the kind of memorable interaction which really drives your competitive advantage in business.

And for your agent, it enables them to focus on these satisfying interactions and resolutions, confident that they are being perfectly productive and effective. They won’t be anxious about keeping the customer waiting while they navigate through a confusing mess of tabs or struggle to find the correct information. They won’t accidentally screen share a confidential screen or respond in the wrong channel because their focus has been broken by a non-intuitive workflow. 

A single-screen, all-in-one CCaaS solution on Chrome OS lends a better employee experience, and happy agents mean more happy customers. Ensuring your employees remain happy is incredibly important, especially in an era of unprecedented workplace churn and job dissatisfaction. If they’re struggling with clunky software designed for multiple screens, they won’t throw a dramatic tantrum like a celebrity chef; they'll join 'the great resignation' and quietly go to work for your competitors instead.

Create a recipe for CX success.

Just as with fine dining, serving up the optimal customer experience is all about preparation and forethought. You can’t get there by hacking a bad recipe or poor quality ingredients, and you may need to rethink a legacy contact center solution from the ground up.

  • Being cloud-based (better yet: truly cloud-native) is non-negotiable. In the work-from-anywhere world, your agents demand it - but, as a business, you also need the security of access control and centralized management of the entire communications stack.
  • Your agents need fast, accessible devices, running on a good high-speed connection, that enable them to handle interactions in a single window.
  • They need the right interactions in that queue for them to deal with. Anything routine or transactional should be routed out through smart self-service options, which customers love when they are well-designed and accessible. 

The good news is that all of this is available today, and enterprises are waking up to this fact. They’re helping agents find the balance between productivity and engagement, all while supporting customers to find the solutions they need, without stress or distraction.

It tastes good.

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Written by Edify

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