Beyond the Contact Center: Every Employee Impacts the CX

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How to Keep Customers and Employees Engaged During a Pandemic: Part 2

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Ditch the Script? Agent Empowerment Improves Customer Service

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Edify Labs Receives 2020 Customer Experience Innovation Award from CUSTOMER Magazine

By Liz Cahill

TMC has named Edify Huddle as a 2020 Customer Experience Innovation Award winner, presented by TMC’s CUSTOMER magazine.

Customers Have Been Complaining Since 1750 B.C.

By Carol Gold

It's National Customer Service Week, celebrating customer service professionals and increasing awareness of how vital...

It’s Time to Close the Gap

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The Pandemic Effect: A Business Creativity Boom

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What is Multi-cloud and Why Does it Matter?

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Five Tips to Enhance Your Kid's e-Learning Experience

By J.P. Dundas

For students completing the school year from home, here are five tips to enhance the e-learning experience.  

PlanetOne Joins Edify Channel Partner Program as National Master Agent

By Liz Cahill

PlanetOne has joined the Edify Channel Partner Program as a National Master Agent. 

Unified Communications: Your Employee and Customer Experience Depends on It

By Kendal Rodgers

Unified Communications impacts the experience you deliver to employees and customers. Read why.