Democratized Technology Makes Everyone An Innovator

By Kendal Rodgers

Democratized technology opens up the power to program, code, and invent to all of us. Discover how new platforms allow...

Edify Receives 2021 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award

By Liz Cahill

TMC has named Edify Huddle as a 2021 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.

Ask a CTO: Why Usage-Based Pricing Wins

By Kendal Rodgers

Edify Co-Founder & CTO Bracken Fields discusses the topic of CCaaS pricing and its evolution over time - from named...

Intelisys Joins Edify Channel Partner Program as National Master Agent

By Liz Cahill

Intelisys, the nation’s leading provider of technology services and solutions, has joined the Edify Channel Partner...

Edify More Than Doubles Last Year’s Revenue in Q1

By Liz Cahill

Edify has exceeded its growth expectations for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022 with a total revenue increase of...

Edify Names Former BT Head of Legal, Neil Hobbs, General Counsel

By Liz Cahill

Edify announced the appointment of Neil Hobbs as the company’s new General Counsel.

From CX to BX: A New Paradigm For A New Normality

By Edify

CX has changed! Brands must become a true business of experience (BX) leader, where their growth and success align with...

Every Contact Center Pricing Model Stinks. Except One.

By Candace Sheitelman

Contact center pricing has been slow to evolve from named user and concurrent user licensing. Discover the benefits and...

Cloud vs. Multi-cloud vs. On-Premises: What It All Means

By Kendal Rodgers

Get a better understanding of moving to the cloud, why on-premises solutions no longer serve us, and, more recently,...

Providing Omnichannel Customer Support is No Longer Optional

By Andrew Larty

Customers want low-effort, high-impact customer service options. They want omnichannel service experiences. Find out...

Three Ways to Future-Proof Your CX

By Candace Sheitelman

Discover three things companies must do to migrate from temporary WFH fixes to permanent solutions, future-proofing...

Ask a CTO: How ‘Work From Anywhere’ Enables ‘Work From Anyone’

By Kendal Rodgers

I asked Edify CTO Bracken Fields how WFA enables brands to now 'work from anyone', removing location requirements and...